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Hey, folks!

Welcome to White Oat Distillery and our super awesome campaign - We Like It Hot!

If you haven't tried our mind-blowing Chilli Mango Gin yet, then you must be living under a rock.. or anywhere outside the Northern Gold Coast. But be patient, we’re getting there. Or you can just come to us, it'll be a blast!

I'm Eddy, the lucky guy in charge of Brand & Marketing here at White Oat. When I joined the gang just nine months ago, I was on a mission to discover the true identity of White Oat. And let me tell you, after getting to know Andy, Tudor, and the whole team, one thing became crystal clear: we're all about doing things different.

With so many distilleries out there these days, I bet you've heard the same old story about gin a million times - where it comes from, what it's all about, blah blah blah. And let's be real, it can get pretty dull sometimes. Sure, gin has its rich traditions, but who says we can't add a little splash of color outside the lines?

Enter Chilli Mango Gin. This tropical and fiery creation has stolen our hearts (and taste buds). I say creation, but it's actually a happy accident. You see, this gin was born when we were experimenting with cocktails using its older sibling, Mango Gin (more on that in the future, stay tuned!). During one of our legendary cocktail R&D sessions, someone on the team decided to spice things up. The creative juices were flowing, and voila! The Chilli Mango seed was planted. The funny thing is, we still argue over who actually came up with the idea. If you ask around, everyone claims it was their brainchild (only if they're ever asked), and they all have their own epic stories and favourite cocktails to back it up.

But here's the real deal: all of you amazing people deserve the credit for this spicy sensation. When our Limited Edition run flew off the shelves, thanks to your incredible support, we knew we had to embrace the heat and make it a permanent part of our lineup.

You can find it online, at our taproom, and at all the coolest bottle shops around.

As the temperatures start to drop, we're just getting started with turning up the heat... We like it hot!


For those who don't need extra spice in their life, but choose it anyway.