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Turn up your flavour dial, because the second instalment of our three-part Sour Gin Series is here. Introducing Sunburst: A Pineapple & Lemon Sour Gin that tastes like a crystal cup of summer.


Fresh pineapples sourced from a North Queensland farm give sweet & juicy aromatics, reminiscent of pineapple lump lollies. Sour lemon citrus delivers a zing to the palette, which alongside a balanced profile of select botanicals, gives a multi-layered flavour for an entirely new gin experience.


"We were really excited about the positive response we received from our last sour gin release,” says Head Distiller Tudor Duxbury.


"We wanted to see what else we could achieve in the sour gin space, so we sat around a table and asked; what other combinations will turn up the flavour dial even more? Pineapple is a flavour that most people know and love, so we wanted to see how we could deliver this classic taste of summer but in a way that people have never had it before."


Using only natural ingredients, Sunburst pairs perfectly with a good quality tonic or with lemonade. If you're up for some serious flavour, our in-house Gin experts have put together a couple of banging cocktails that'll go down dangerously easy this summer. The recipes can be found HERE.


Sunburst is now available for a limited time through our ONLINE STORE. 
Get your party dress on, mini umbrella unfurled, it's time to sip a sunburst!


Cheers from the White Oat Team!