Our Story


We distill classic tastes with a modern twist, to help friends create new memories. 

It all started, strangely, over a beer…

The world had shut down and borders closed, but that shift in pace opened up new possibilities for three mates on the Gold Coast. They were sharing a few tinnies in the backyard during the early months of COVID-19 when the idea of starting a distillery came up. All their favourite bars were shut. They realised that having a drink isn’t just about the taste, but who you’re sharing it with, the feel of the moment, and how that all connects with other epic memories. 

The dream was to recreate that full experience, no matter where you are. 

The team scoured the country for a top-notch distiller and found award-winner Tudor Duxbury - the perfect choice. He brought decades of knowledge and a refreshing approach, like often using oats to make gin, adding a velvety mouthfeel to the whole experience. The White Oat soon became a symbol for experimentation around not just taste, but bringing an interesting feel to drinking too.

We started with gin (because, gin), but are dedicated to bringing something extra to other classics as well. 

It’s all aimed at creating a sip to remember as you open up new possibilities with friends. 

Cheers to new, old favourites.

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